Most Destructive Earthquake Of Gujarat : Bhuj 2001

Natural disasters are usually the most destructive for each and every place where it happened. Earthquake is one of the most destructive natural disasters which has happened in almost each and every part of the world. Gujarat has experienced earthquake in the year 2001 which is considered as one of the most destructive earthquakes happened in India. In this article we will discuss the Gujarat earthquake in details.

Bhuj Gujarat Earthquake 2001 – Most Destructive Natural Disaster:
In the year of 2001, Gujarat has experienced the most destructive earthquake in the Bhuj region. Actual time and date of the natural disaster are on the 52nd Republic Day of India on 26th January. Exact time noted was at 8:46 a.m. IST, this earthquake lasted for over two minutes. Of this earthquake is about 9 kilometer southwest of the village of Chobari in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District of Gujarat. It was recorded that intraplate earthquake reached 7.7 on the moment magnitude scale. 
Due to this natural disaster more than 20,000 peoples were killed which includes 18 in Southeastern Pakistan. More than 1,67,000 were injured and destroyed over 4,00,000 homes. So basically over 40% of the homes were destroyed due to this earthquake along with eight schools and to hospitals. Even 4 kilometer of road was completely destroyed and a partly destroyed Swaminarayan Temple and a historic fort. 

50 multi-story buildings collapsed and lots of people were killed, according to the official record released by government it is estimated that more than $7.5 billion damage was done by this earthquake. This natural disaster even destroyed 60% of the food and water supplies and 90% of the housing stock on its way. The biggest demolition which was the setback for that particular state is due to the Bhuj civil Hospital completely destroyed. 
According to the geologists Gujarat lies in 300 – 400 kilometer from the plate boundary between Eurasian plate and Indian Plate. The actual cause of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake was due to the movement of the south-dipping fault. After 4 months of the earthquake in Gujarat, announced Gujarat earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation policy. It was a different approach to both rural and urban construction which was estimated to be needed to rebuild $1.77 billion. 
There is multiple international assistance was received to the Gujarat which was a great help in rebuilding the city once again.
Relief Offered
US $550,000
20,000 tons of rice and a 12-member Medical Team
US $920,000
US $2 million
US $270,000 in Financial aid Relief supplies
150 members emergency aid mission
US $2.3 million for emergency equipment
US $250,000
The Netherlands
US $2.5 million through UNICEF 
New Zealand
US $200,000 grant
13 tons of relief material such as blankets and food
Medical and other relief supplies
US $100,000
United Kingdom
£10 million
United States
Relief supplies up to US $5 million
UAE, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia
Relief material and supplies

Last Words: 
Each and every natural disaster have reminded about the destruction it has done. Gujarat is one of such state which has experienced massive destruction due to earthquake. We have collected the complete information about Gujarat earthquake from different sources along with proper details and posted them in this article for you. Share this informative article with others, so that we get to know about this that incident happened in India.

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