Top 5 Must Watch Gujarati Movie With Unlimited Fun

The first ever Gujarati film called Narsinh Mehta was released in April 1932. Yes, Gujarati cinema is in the theatres from about 87 years. However, it had its ups and down and people kept losing interest in it over the years. But the scenario has changed from the past 5 years. People have now started showing interest in the Gujarati movies again. Earlier filmmakers had to convince the audience to watch the movies but now the audience waits for the movies to get released. So we are here with the 10 must watch Gujarati movies.

Top 5 Must Watch Gujarati Movies

1.      Bey Yaar (2014)
In this movie, the story revolves around two best friends who are in desperation to earn quick and easy money. But in the course of it, they forget what their morality is and they break their friendship. They realize their mistakes at one point and they try to fix everything back how it is supposed to be. This movie is one of the most successful movies of the Gujarati cinema as it was loved by the audience as well as the critics.

2.      Kevi Rite Jaish (2012)
Kevi Rite Jaish is a movie where a Gujarati family where Harish Patel wishes to send his son to the U.S but struggles to get a visa. The film is a satire on the obsession of Patels to migrate to the US and the movie has a very healthy humor. This was the first Gujarati movie which was packed just like a Bollywood movie.

3.      Chhello Divas (2015)
Chello Divas is the most watch and most loved Gujarati Movie of all time.  It is a film about eight friends and their college life. How they attend lectures, have fun in college; fell in love and everything we enjoy in our college. The movie will surely take you back to your college days. Whenever you are stressed and you want to get some stress buster, just watch this movie. This movie will make you cry out of laughter.

4.      Gujjubhai The Great (2015)
Gujjubhai is the most loved character of Gujarati Dramas. Siddhart Randeri, the Gujjubhai decided to bring this character on the big screen. Gujjubhai the Great is a comedy-drama where the daughter of gujjubhai comes home with her boyfriend, Montu. Everyone in the family likes Montu except Hasmukhbhai(Gujjubhai). He thinks that he is fooling her daughter and he is not trustworthy. So he tries his best that her daughter doesn’t marry Montu. You need to watch the movie for what all he does to avoid his daughter from getting hitched with Montu. 

5.      Wrong Side Raju (2016)
Wrong Side Raju is a movie with a great story. The story revolves around a driver called Raju who gets trapped in a false case of thrashing couple of policemen with a car of his boss. He also has a dream to start his own travel agency business. Raju, the driver falls in love with the foreigner girlfriend of Shah’s (Boss) son. It is quite interesting to see that how Raju manages to come out of the police case. How he manages to start his new business and many more things. It is a complete thriller which everyone must watch.

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