Top 10 Interesting Facts About Gujarati People

I am sure that you or any one friend of your is a Gujarati and you really like it in a way or another. Gujarati is a widely spreaded community and also among the richest community. Gujarati's are also known for their Theplas, Khaman, Dhokla and many other farsaans. But let me tell you, Gujarati's are much more than that. So I am here to share amazing facts about Gujarati People. I am sure will be able to relate it with yourself (if Gujarati) or with any of your Gujarati Friend (Do Tag Them).

Interesting Facts About Gujarati People

1. Delicious Food

You are really lucky if you have Gujarati friend who invites you for lunch or dinner at his/her home. The Gujarati Food is really tasty and delicious. You can also check Top 5 Gujarati Farsaans if you can control yourself to taste Delicious Gujarati Food.

2. Garba Fan

The Gujarati are the only people who have the amazing grace and energy to perform and dance. The Dadiya and Garba is the right of each Gujarati. They do perform this dance in a group for nine days daily known as Naavratri.

3. Business in the Blood

Majority of Gujarati people are founded doing their own business rather doing any job. They prefer being their own boss. Gujarati People can easily create any business model out of anything. Check out Top 10 Richest Gujarati People in India.

4. Big Fat Gujarati Wedding

It is an great opportunity to attend the Big Fat Gujarati Wedding. The Dance, Food, Party, Clothes, Celebration is something you would not like to miss it anyhow. It is about 2-3 day event where the whole family unites and celebrate the happiness.

5. Belief in God

Gujarati's are the firm believer in God and religion. They visits temple regularly and perform virtues. Many a times they pray to god whenever stuck in any obstacles. There are many temple of Jain's, Swami Narayan, Mataji's and many more found in Gujarat.

6. Effective Bargaining Skills 

Take One of your Gujarati Friend with you while shopping and I am sure you will always get your product/service at best price. They always search for vouchers or discount before doing any shopping online or offline.

7. All Around The World

It is truly said that you go at any part of the world, you will surely find an Gujarati over there. It is not only for the sake of saying, But it is true as per our study too. Gujarati people are widely spreaded all over the globe and are also at the top for community which travels a lot.

8. Family Oriented

Gujju people have lots of people around them and have contact with huge number of people. They are much family oriented and many of them even prefer to stay in joint family.

9. Always Talks About Stock Market

Whenever two gujju meets, they will always talk about Stock Market and discuss about the latest picks in their portfolio. Now a days they even talk about IPO and subscribe highly to it. It is also believe that majority of Gujarati trades and invest in Stock Market.

10. Awesome Gujarati Language

The Gujarati language is very easy, funny and also popular now a days. The words like kem cho and majama are known by many other people. Even Bollywood movies consider taking one Gujarati character to make local crowd feel good and engaged.

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